PC/Laptop based automatic wireless uroflowmetry.
Wireless Based Uroflowmetry :

• Control unit with wifi mounted on breaker sensor junned stand. Stand can be assembled. It is highly precise advanced, microprocessor based device, auto stand, auto print and wireless are the features.
• Beaker 1000 ml capacity.
• Voltage : 220V.
• Software is provided graph observation soft data, copy storage and print purpose.
• Monogram.
• Volume vs time.
• Flow vs time graph.

PC Based Uroflowmetry :

• Control Unit : Accomodate sensor port, USB plug in card to computer. Weight : 150gms. Indicator lights of testing and calibration.
• Sensor : Accomodate beaker (1000ml), sensitive to weight, Weight : 280 gms.
• Software : software compatible to windows, can store soft data, can shoot printer to any printer.
• Chair with commode for accessory.

Printer Based Uroflowmetry :

• Set contains : Control unit, Calibration mode (120s), Test mode (120s), Print mode (Previous print). Weight : 150gms, Voltage : 220V.
• Sensor : accomodate beaker (1000ml), sensitive to weight, weight : 280gms.
• Printer : LX-310 (Dot matrix) Epson.
• Chair with commode.